I write not for me, but for my audience. My life has revolved around memories taken, still life that never dies. Now, I launch my career as a photographer. Personally, photography only came to me in 2014, that's when I have realized that photography is much more than taking a picture. It captures the life trapped in excitement and emotion in still life, it seductively isolates the viewer into a trance of an everlasting memory.
You. The viewer. the experimenter.
From weddings, to events, to photoshoots.
The most important subject, is you.
I started with capturing pictures with my Nikon D3200 and still is my main choice for photography today. From editing to publishing, the greatest thing about a picture is the subject. I have taken to nature, urban landscapes, client photoshoots, artwork and many more.
And though I am still in the learning process, in order to succeed. You have to know how to make a picture truly alive. 
Although this About page is being updated as you read, viewer. This website is a major starting point toward my future with photography. 
I encourage you to view my pictures and send feedback, and if you want to contact me with business inquiries, contact me also. I look forward to working with you. 
Thank You. 

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